Ohio Veterans Home Museum

Civil and Spanish American Wars Collection

Background to the Wars

The Civil War:

The Civil War, which pitted the Union States (North) and the Confederacy (South) against each other, lasted from 1861 to 1865. In April 1861 the war began when the Confederate commander P.G.T. Beauregard fired upon and captured Fort Sumter from the defense of Major Robert Anderson. Over 300,000 Ohio men enlisted to join the cause, the third largest number of soldiers from any Union State. During the war, 35,475 Ohioans died.

The Spanish-American War:

In 1898, the Spanish- American War was fought in Cuba when the United States declared war on Spain. The war originated from Cuban struggles for independence from Spain. U.S. political leaders, businessmen and others had capital invested in Cuba. As newspapers sensationalized Spain’s treatment of the Cubans and the sinking of the USS Maine, events quickly moved and the United States entered the war. Ohio provided three regiments for the war, but they arrived after the principal fighting. A little more than 15,000 Ohioans participated in the Spanish-American War and of these, 230 died primarily from disease.

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Colt Model 1849 'Pocket Revolver'
Union Rifle Musket Cartridge Box with Brass U.S. Medallion
Spanish American War Canteen
Spanish American War Commeoration Marker